5 Steps For A Strong Immune  System

5 Steps For A Strong Immune System

How many times have you heard lately about the Immune System ?

Have you thought about your immune system?

– What is it and how does it work?

– What can you do to help him?

– What happens when it doesn’t work properly?

The immune system is the guardian of our physical body. The immune system is specific to all living things: humans, animals and plants.

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect the body from infections.

The immune system is of 2 types:

1. The immune system we were born with. This is the body’s first line of defense, and in this sense breast milk is essential in the development of the immune system in babies;

2. The immune system acquired through contact with pathogens. The latter can be obtained naturally and / or after vaccination.

What happens when the immune system does not function optimally?

Besides the fact that we are susceptible to colds, to catch viruses that cause various diseases, diseases of the immune system cause the body to fight against its own body.

Scientists are still studying and documenting how the immune system works. Especially since the frequency of diagnosis with autoimmune diseases has increased enormously in recent years.

There are currently over 80 autoimmune diseases identified. They can be genetic or they can be activated when our lifestyle is inappropriate. 

What should be kept in mind is that the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases can take years, because their symptoms are often confused with allergies or other more common diseases.

Until they are diagnosed correctly, the body undergoes many other treatments, involving both physical and mental stress.

So far, specialists have managed to identify several main factors that influence the immune system:

· Movement

· Nutrition

· Stress

· Age

· Sleep

Now, please wait a moment and think about the quality of these 5 factors in your daily life.

Do you exercise? Do you eat balanced? Do you take care of your mental health with daily practices? Sleep well? Do you respect your age through the right actions?

The most important element of Yoga practice is the energy we receive during practice. This energy has the ability to eliminate negative energy and disease energy from the body and heal.

Due to this energetic process, the hypo and hyperfunctions of the organs are restored to an optimal level, a correct metabolic process is maintained at the cellular level and the parasympathetic system of the body is stimulated, the natural response of physical and mental relaxation.


The practice of Yoga is based on stimulation and relaxation, helping us to understand the universal natural rhythm, that healthy rhythm for the mind and body. Most of the time we choose to do intense physical activity and forget to give the body the opportunity to relax.

It is important that the practice be adapted to the physical condition 


The diet should not be complicated but balanced, adapted to the environment in which we live and as much as possible to seasonal foods. In yogic eating we have 3 categories of foods: Satvik, Rajasvik and Tamasvik.

Satvika food is ideal: freshly cooked, natural and organic foods as much as possible, as few heavily processed foods as possible. At the opposite pole we have tamasvik food: canned food, food cooked and eaten in 3 to 4 days, canned food, etc.

In addition to the principles, the practice of Yoga helps us to bring attention to the inside and increases our ability to perceive sensations in the body.

Read about how to do yoga in pregnancy and try a yoga and nutrition program for a balanced life.


This is a highly debated topic but it seems that although we have a lot of specialized discussions, scientific research, programs and solutions, the level of stress and the number of diseases associated with it increase.

What is in our control is not the stressors but the way we react to them. Stress on the body can come from an emotional level but also from a physical level: overstimulation in certain activities, improper diet, exposure to pollutants, etc.


The older we get, the lower our immunity. But the quality of life and health in old age depends on how we take care of our minds and bodies.

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