Yoga In Pregnancy

How To Have An Easy Pregnancy

First of all, it is necessary to mention the fact that the pregnancy period needs a holistic approach.

The mother’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being is essential for the healthy intrauterine development of the baby.

Therefore, it is important to harmonize the actions we take. From what we eat, the physical activities we do to the people around us, all must be in harmony and positive.

Belonging to a community of moms who give as much importance to wellbeing during pregnancy as you do and you can help you identify solutions faster to maintain your well-being throughout pregnancy.

Yoga in pregnancy – multiple benefits for both mother and baby

The physical changes that influence us and the psyche find a solution by practicing yoga during pregnancy. Practicing yoga for pregnant women is a type of yoga that is practiced out of any danger, without causing any stress to the baby.

The benefits of yoga practice are manifested for both mother and baby.

Wondering what an easy task really means?

The most common manifestations that mothers face during pregnancy are:

● emotional fluctuations;

● back and whole body pain;

● stress and multiple thoughts.

For first-time mothers, the thought of doing things well and taking care of them often translates into a form of stress that can affect their peace of mind.

On the other hand, hormonal changes have a major impact on mood:

● mothers identify emotional fluctuations, but the fact that they cannot control them frustrates them;

● the tensions accumulated inside affect the way they react;

● relationships with others become difficult to manage.

Pregnancy brings many changes in the body and lifestyle. These body transformations affect their physical well-being: they sleep and sit in uncomfortable positions, which causes pain in their body.

All these shortcomings can be solved by practicing yoga for pregnant women. With the right guidance in the right practice, the mother will improve her quality of life during pregnancy and will have a much easier pregnancy.

Testimonial about the benefits of prenatal yoga practice

Andreea is one of the mothers in her first pregnancy, but also in her first yoga experience.

Here is her feedback on the practice of yoga in pregnancy:

“Each of us knows that physical activity is beneficial for our body and mind, but sometimes we need to adapt to situations that arise in life. For me, the moment I decided to practice yoga was during pregnancy, also encouraged by the gynecologist who contraindicated my sports before pregnancy, due to complications that occurred in the first trimester of pregnancy. As I practiced yoga classes, I felt the benefits of it, I was more relaxed, the muscle pains, especially of the back, diminished, and the sleep became calmer. I find yoga exercises for pregnant women useful, they teach you to breathe, often eliminate the tension accumulated in the muscles, mind, help you focus on what you feel in your body, it basically creates a connection with yourself, but also with babies. After the experience of these months of pregnancy, there will certainly be a desire to continue yoga classes after birth.

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